Joe Burleigh, metal artist

Specializing in Ornamental and Sculptural Steel and Iron

Joe Burleigh is an artist-blacksmith based in Carbondale, Colorado, whose paintbrush is the forge. Joe specializes in handcrafted ornamental and sculptural iron and steel work, ranging from custom furniture and architectural elements to ornamental and art metal work. His work can be found in homes and businesses throughout the Aspen community and appears in community public art collections and special exhibits from Washington, DC to Portland, Oregon.

The pieces shown in this site are representative of the style of work Joe produces. While some art pieces are available for sale, the majority of Joe's work is created on a custom basis. This assures that each piece is unique, designed to the specific needs of the client or the whim of the artist.

“Joe Burleigh is a man of few words and a lot of good iron work.” - Forge Facts
“Art is long, life is short, get going.” - Frances Whitaker
“Most of my work is return customers or word of mouth or random luck. But when I do find myself with time, I try to make art.” - Joe Burleigh