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Nora Reed Burleigh memorial bird bench


Holy Family School in Grand Junction /

Created as a memorial for Nora Reed Burleigh, who always loved Joe's original Bird Bench (now owned by the Grand Junction Botanic Gardens), Bird Bench combines colorful blue birds perked on swirling branches, with a woven branch seat and sprialling arms and back. The bench is a favorite with the elementary students and their moms.    

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Hexahedron -

South Rec Center in Highlands Ranch /

Hexahedron is a spinning sculpture, combining color, form and movement. A hexahedron is a figure having six sides, as a cube.

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sword in the stone variation

KingMaker -

Highlands Ranch Library /

King Arthur's sword meets the Eye of Providence, perhaps the most haunting symbol on the American dollar bill. The Eye symbolizes God watching over humanity. Held in place by a powerful spring, the sword invites visitors to attempt to pull it from the stone.

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spinning orb

Gas Planet -

Reed Plaza, Newcastle /

Gas Planet was purchased by the town of Newcastle in 2018 and is a central feature of the plaza.

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Sundial -

Las Colonias Park in Grand Junction /

Joe's memorial sundial is precisely positioned to tell time with the gnomon set for 39 degrees, which is parallel to the axis of the earth, allowing you to tell time based on the shadow cast by the triangle.

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Songbird -

First Bank Center in Broomfield /

"Songbird" was installed in the Fall of 2015 as a part of Broomfield's "Art for Awhile" program. The sculptures are loaned for one year based on a small stipend to the artist.

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Logarhythm a musical sculpture

Logarhythm -

Downtown Grand Junction /

"Logarhythm" is currently installed on Grand Junction's Main Street, after a stay as a part of Carbondale's Art aRound Town program. Since its inception, the Art aRound Town has grown from five sculptures chosen from among 12 local applicants to as many as 90 applicants from around the country with selected work installed in 15 locations around town. The sculptures are loaned for one year based on a very small stipend to the artist.

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Iron Crystal Cube -

West Glenwood Springs /

"Iron Crystal Cubic" was installed in the summer 2014 in the middle of the rotary near Exit 114 for I-70 in West Glenwood Springs, Colorado. It is loosely modeled after the iron molecule at room temperature, a body centered cubic crystal lattice. The colored wings on the center atom catch the wind and cause it to spin.

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"Merkaba Dura"

Downtown Sculpture Gallery, Auburn /

The MerKaBa is two equally sized, interlocked tetrahedra, also called a stella octangula or stellated octahedron. In Ancient Egypt, this primal pattern was called Mer-Ka-Ba (Mer=Light; Ka=Spirit; Ba=Body) and represented a rotating light that was believed to transport the spirit and body from one world into the next. This kinetic sculpture balances on a central axis, representing the rotating field of energy.

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Metal Spheres

Carbondale Colorado festival

Joe's metal spheres are representative of his interactive approach to public art. The sphere spins on an interior spindle. Finishes are painted or patina'ed for exterior display.

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Variations on the Bass

Displayed in Grand Junction for two years /

The steel bass takes a different form in these sculptures. Spectators can play the instruments by plucking the metal strings, providing interactivity.

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Bird Bench

Grand Junction/

Bird Bench was Joe's first public sculpture and was on display in downtown Grand Junction's Art on the Corner program until the city decided to purchase it for its permanent collection in 1997. It is on permanent display at the Grand Junction Botanic Gardens.

Bench Details

Innerverse Observatory


Innerverse Observatory was exhibited in the "Carbondale Council of Arts and Humanities Sculpture Show" in May 2013. View it in motion on YouTube at

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Town of Snowmass /

This sculpture was an team effort by the Roaring Forge artists and is displayed along the Brush Creek walking path into Snowmass, Colorado. where it blends into the overgrowth. The wings vibrate in the wind.

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